Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where may I buy your book?

A:  My publisher, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Publishing, has ensured my book can be bought practically anywhere in the world. While you may not always find it on major bookstore shelves, you will typically find it on their website in addition to Amazon and other online vendors. My publisher also sells directly to readers and routinely hosts promotions offering various discounts off my book or even free shipping (check social media for promotions). Naturally, you can always buy a book directly from me. My books come autographed, with a black light evident author's seal, and also a gold medal seal on the front cover.

Q:  Do you publicly speak and lecture?

A:  Yes, I do routinely speak and lecture at events. Please look at my page on booking me as a speaker for more details.

Q:  Is your book just about conflict?

A:  No. Essentially a resource book, the lessons and practices espoused in the book have been proven to increase productivity, cognitive recall, civil behaviors, and more.

Q:  How can I fit your program into my school schedule?

A:  The beauty of my program is it allows you more time while also increasing the cognitive retention of your pupils. Traditional teaching only affords about a 5% retention rate. By using daily circles, students can help teach each other to effectively stimulate an over 85% recall rate in students. Moreover, chronic tardiness and absenteeism usually drops and therefore furthers the productivity of class time.

Q: My school has a "zero tolerance" policy. How conducive is this policy with your program?

A:  The author does not condone "zero tolerance" policies. These programs have been repeatedly shown to harm students, schools, and communities. However, with that said, the book does allow schools to mold programs using existing policies and programs. It is the author's hope schools will see sufficient advances to revisit ineffective, negative, and even harmful policies such as "zero tolerance."

Q:  Why don't you support the use of suspensions, expulsions, or School Resource Officers (SROs) in schools?

A:  Studies have shown a child's chances of dropping out goes up by 50% each time they are suspended or expelled from school. We have over 7,000 students each school day dropping out. Numerous judges and academics have shown how SROs lead to increased felony and misdemeanor arrests of juveniles for innocuous offenses such as playing with food items, drawing a picture, etc. Most of these arrests take place just prior to standardized testing in what academics call the Test-to-Prison Pipeline (an extension of the School-to-Prison Pipeline) theory. Each lost student costs taxpayers $209,000 in social services payouts with neither the student or the community made better for it. Unbroken Circles for Schools offers a saner, more effective solution using proven programs.

Q:  I teach Restorative Justice at a post-secondary institution. How do I order your book as a text book for my class?

A:  The bookstore the college/university uses as a vendor can order directly from my publisher at

Q: Do you offer bulk ordering of books?

A:  Yes. My publisher offers bulk order purchasing for colleges and schools. Requests for bulk order purchase quotes should be directed to Terri Gerrell, Publisher at Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Publishing at

Q:  How effective is Restorative Justice in the schools?

A:  While still new in most American school districts, Restorative Justice has had some fantastic success stories. Usually, standardized test scores in reading and math are substantially higher than non-Restorative Justice schools. Dropout rates are usually markedly low in the Restorative Justice schools while graduation rates are phenomenally high. For instance, the school district in Oakland reported a 53% graduation rate over non-Restorative Justice schools, a 117% increase in Grade 9 reading scores, an 124% decline in chronic absenteeism, and a 39% decline in the dropout rate. Other school districts are now reporting similar findings.